hello. my name is jeremy, and this is a rarely updated list of cool things i have done in my spare time.

my most recent, ambitious, and unexpectedly successful project is my attempt to bring back the anarchic spirit of mid-90s shareware with my website, glorioustrainwrecks.com. the site has been hosting a regular two-hour game jam every month called the "klik of the month klub", in which people who make their living independently making videogames create alongside people who have never written a program before, and everyone has a great time. i have also been responsible for organizing a couple of events called "pirate karts", in which i get as many people as i can to make games continuously for 48 hours, and collect the result. during the first event, 17 people made 105 games; during the second, 102 people made 529 games.

i have a couple of mostly dormant blogs; i used livejournal for many years to catalogue personal / amusing things, and had a blog called geekstorming intended me to spew out my half-formed opinions and ideas about software. mostly these days i just yammer at people on twitter, though.

i like to write software; much of it is ridiculous is some manner or another.

i think too much about videogames. sometimes that turns into writing too much about videogames, and it ends up at the gamer's quarter. sadly that lovely webmagazine has lain dormant for some time now, but it's still worth reading if you never got the chance.

i am a band. its name is livestock at large. you probably shouldn't bother to listen.

stuff below this line is really getting pretty old now.

i had a great deal of old computers. i have less now, and they're much more organized.

i wrote some articles about how big of a geek i am. they're many years old now (ah, first year university!), but hopefully they're not too embarassing to continue to exist.

lucky charms in the united states are magically disturbing.

internet animation! it's the future! i'm the future! watch and enjoy this fantastic movie trailer for a film that probably shouldn't exist.

i am proud to say that i have created the greatest mother's day card of all time. i have also created one of the greatest birthday cards of all time. i think i may give up buying cards entirely.

i have a son, and he is adorable.